Why People Prefer Online Dating To Traditional Ways

Good wife – a real blessing reward for a man. Finding a good wife is the hardest thing in daily routine! But then, if you make the right choice, there will be a reward for life. Better than a good, caring female partner there is nothing in the world.

Career, money, football, community – all this is nonsense. The main thing is the family and the woman close to you – a loving, kind, understanding, sacrificial, caring, affectionate, good mother for children. It is for this that one can and must work hard.

You need to choose her carefully – and dating online helps with this

  • No need to come across my women on the street. It is not necessary to offer a hand and heart to all, so that, looking at the reaction, choose your lady from those who will agree. Will you not embarrass her and promise you nothing?
  • Girls are gentle, trusting, quickly fall in love and very worried when their feelings are not mutual. Women have a more subjective view of reality than men.
  • Women trust their feelings more, so it is easy to believe that someone who approached them is about to make an offer. Remember this: meet the girls, but behave very, very carefully. Be careful not to smile at everyone. Be discreet and careful, do not give extra promises.

See what she writes in chat and messengers

It is very good to know what kind of person she is, who her friends are. Whether she is strict in spiritual issues and is ready to recognize his authority.

Learn more about the girl before dating. See what she writes in her social networks, who her parents are, what her interests are. It happens that she looks like an angel, but on the page, she behaves herself differently: she is “actively searching” and thinks that everyone may appreciate her beauty, and discuss some inappropriate topics. This happens, unfortunately, be careful. Before you get acquainted, look, think, consider all the pros and cons.

But do not focus on the appearance of the girl – this is the worst trick in real life. It is most important to learn her soul. First of all, you need to think about:

  • what her heart is;
  • if she can sacrificially love;
  • if this person likes children;
  • is she ready to educate them?

Is your friend a tolerant one, is she ready to respect your opinion? These qualities are required in marriage.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, you will not put her in a dining room as stature and you will not admire her for thirty years. And be objective assessing your own appearance and features. Maybe you are not Apollo and not macho men either.

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