Success stories: creating family due to online dating

Do you want to know about some happy ends after online dating? Here are some examples:

  • Kate & Bill, USA

Bill: We are not the most common story! (laughs) I am a hereditary sailor and captain of a ship. I spend a lot of time at sea, and there was not enough time for my personal life. I registered on the dating site. After another lonely evening of thinking in the cabin, I decided to take the fate in my hands and find my future wife.

Kate: I work at school as a primary school teacher. Our team consisted predominantly of  women. There is a lot of work with children; it was not always possible to carve out a free evening to go outside. I saw an advertisement for a site offering serious acquaintances on TV and decided to make an account. I never dreamed of a prince under, I wanted to meet a reliable man who would become a friend, a loved one and a husband.

Bill: But in the end, everything turned out much better than I expected. I sent to Kate a smile, we began to communicate and realized that we are very similar, that we like the same movies and books. A week after our texting, I had some minor problems with a subordinate. My new friend gave me very good advice, which helped me cope with the situation – she is a delicate psychologist and teacher, really. And then I felt that such a sweet and wise girl cannot be missed!

Kate: Well, I was pleased that he turned to me for advice, and I was glad to share my point of view with him. I’m glad I could help and such our love began. Now we are married.

  • Diana & Alan, UK

Diana: After about a month of communication my birthday was soon, and Alan knew about it. Of course, I invited him, but I did not even hope that he would be able to come because he lived in another city far away from me. Although I really wanted to see my stranger!

Alan: I immediately decided to go. I have some doubts over the present. I really wanted to give something special. And I decided to paint a picture! At the same time, at a birthday party, I met the whole family, and the next day I had a drink with her friends. Her mother is a beautiful woman, and her father is very similar to mine. Then we announced our wedding!

Read these stories and be inspired!

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