International Dating: What You Need to Know to Avoid Problems

Here are some very effective advice:

  • Determine your ultimate goal

It’s better to write in your profile: “I want to meet interesting people and talk, and life will show where this all will lead us.” You may have more fans than those ladies who require only serious meetings with candidates who would like to marry!

  • Make good photos

It doesn’t matter if you want to meet for a serious relationship or to communicate in order to learn a language, it’s a must to have an attractive, smiling profile photo. Practice the art of selfy, be creative! Bright colors of clothes and beautiful landscapes look great in the background of search results on the marriage agency portal.

  • Answer quickly

If someone wrote to you, answer as soon as possible. Check your mail 2-3 times a day. Job seekers write to HRs of several positions at the same time; you can already start a lively conversation while another lady still thinks to answer.

  • Speak English

Use any opportunity to improve your English or another foreign language. If you don’t speak well the native language of your partner, do not promise her/him an unforgettable love. Say that you are not sure that you are suited to each other in the long term, but you are ready to begin communication and, possibly, to become his friend.

  • After exchanging 2-3 messages, suggest a video chat

The biggest problem is that ladies from Eastern Europe find it difficult to communicate live with native speakers from the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand. Communicating online will help overcome this problem. For those seeking dating for the purpose of marriage and serious relationships, it is important to demonstrate that you are a real lady and not just a collection of photographs and letters.

  • Plan real meeting

Do not think that this is love until you met with the admirer in real life. Some fall in love before the meeting, talking for hours through the camera. Keep your feelings under control. Time will tell.

  • Your safety first

Any serious man understands that for a woman her safety comes first. Before the meeting, you definitely need to talk on the video several times, and also ask him to show his documents, send the address and telephone number. Only when you are 100% sure of the verified ID and this issue doesn’t bother you – only when it is worth going outside together.

  • The easy approach works the best

Concentrate on the process. Enjoy everything – viewing new profiles, writing the first messages, talking via a webcam and by phone, organizing meetings, communicating in general. If the process gives you pleasure, familiarity and the development of relations with a foreigner will be easy.

And last but not least: constantly send new pictures to your future soulmate. Take new interesting pictures every day. Start with personal one and as you communicate, send photos with friends and family. Tripod and camera should be your true assistants!

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