Do Russian women like American men?

Do Russian women like American men?

International relationships are quite common today. We live in the world with vague boundaries, so we can see someone who lives in another country without any problem. Even if people are far from each other, they can chat via the internet. Nowadays you can develop romantic relationships remotely. If you try to do that, you will notice that there are a lot of Russian women on dating websites for international relationships. Most of them want to find a foreign partner. At the same time, a lot of foreigners are eager to find a Russian bride. American and European men know that Russian ladies are ready for serious international relationships and marriage.

Why do Russian women want American men? Honestly, some of them follow stereotypes. They have seen a lot of Hollywood movies and they made the impression about foreigners based on these movies. But we can give you several examples why Russian ladies prefer American men.

They are richer than Russians

Judging by movies, American men wear fancy clothes, have wonderful cars and live in luxury and spacious apartments. Men can buy a plane ticket and go to another country to visit his lover effortlessly while most of Russians prefer trains because they are cheaper. The same goes to cars: Russian young people can barely afford them.

They respect their wives

We don’t say that Russian men don’t respect women, but ladies believe that foreigners are really courteous and supportive. Russian guys may seem tough and simple, while American ones are good at expressing their tenderness and respect. American people tend to build the career, they are more confident and successful. Don’t forget that women like successful and independent men!

They are full of romance

This stereotype was born from American comedies and melodramas where the main character does romantic things for his lover. Why do Russian women like American men? They believe men will always surprise them with beautiful gifts and romantic places for dating.

They are talkative and sociable

Russians are very restrained and modest. You will barely see them smiling on the streets. They don’t like to express their feelings and emotions. American people are more friendly, polite and sociable. They are always smiling and they see the world in a positive way.

They have good health

Many Russian men tend to abuse alcohol. Alcohol addiction is one of the main reasons for divorce here. Alcoholism is a big problem for small towns with a high unemployment rate. People just don’t have other things to do there. Alcoholics can ruin not only their own life, but the life of their families. The USA is a more prosperous place with a stable economic situation, that’s why people there take care of their health better. They eat healthy food and go to the gym regularly.

They have good sense of humor

Russian women and American men have a different mentality and some American guys have troubles with understanding Russian humor. But once they get to know each other better, they will make good jokes and will maintain any conversation.

They are ready to learn American and Russian educational systems are very different.

That’s why a foreigner will barely know anything about Russian history and literature. Despite this fact, they are eager to read a lot and to learn something new. At the same time a woman will know something about American culture, which is useful in particular if she moves to another country.

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