Dating Russian Women a Simple Science

Dating Russian Women for Marriage: Cue Cards

Russian women are known for their powerful nature and persistent character. The aspirations of females from Russia have been changing over the years. For many years, this country was suppressed with misleading stereotypes. The elderly population formed numerous blinkers in the younger generation imposing the ideas of the so-called Russian mentality. With the appearance of the internet and free media, the Russians understood that what they considered mentality was a set of misconceptions scrupulously present in their minds.

A typical Russian woman is now deprived of stereotypical behavior:

  • She is not as depressive and gloomy as the characters from the classical Russian literature written by Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, or Solzhenitsyn;
  • She speaks one of the hardest languages in the world, which makes it easier for her to study English.

Now let’s pass on to the basic qualities of a Russian woman:

  • She is sensitive and very touching. Russian women are not always capable of keeping their emotions under control. Of course, in comparison with the Ukrainians, Russian women tend to be more reserved. Nevertheless, it’s not hard to make her cry or laugh.
  • She is thoughtful but inconsistent at times. Her rational nature often unravels, giving way to improper emotions, which seriously affects her behavioral patterns. Any Russian woman will agree that she has taken many wrong decisions under the control of emotions.
  • She is stubborn. It means that she does whatever possible to achieve the desired goal. It’s the same with the romantic relationships – she will never let a man just go if she fancies him. That’s the reason why you should understand that if a Russian single lady accepts the second date with you, she likes you.

Reaching out for a girl like this is simple:

  • Be your best self and remember that even if you have bad qualities, you can compensate for them with your talents and skills;
  • Be polite with her family members and don’t forget about the tiny presents;
  • Arrange the first date on your own (if you want it to be successful, make sure you know about her basic preferences in food and entertainment);
  • Behave like a gentleman, and don’t forget about the essential courtesy signs.

Dating Russian Women for Marriage: Key Points

Even if you don’t have the slightest idea about Russian culture and behavioral patterns of its residents, the essential thing to start with is to avoid the stereotypes promoted and imposed by television. The Russians had already been through the common experience until they got access to the unlimited possibilities of the internet.

We hope that the following advice on dating Russian women for marriage will help you out in building a strong relationship with a woman from a Slavic country.

Her Background Deserves Respect

Russian women in 2020 still cherish their history and the past of their ancestors. Some of the families still have the old relatives who witnessed the worst times of wars, problems with economics, and numerous historical traumas.

A Russian bride is very enigmatic by nature. She is not used to speaking much and always knows the right magical words to support you and cheer you up. They do not easily open themselves to strangers, but as soon as you gain her trust, you become an essential part of her social circle. The main thing you should start with is to demonstrate your interest in her personality. Her personality starts with her past and the past of her predecessors. All presets of Russian women root deeply in their past.

  • Ask her whether she has very old relatives with the past. It’s highly probable that she has a couple of stories about her heroic great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers.
  • Lead conversations about her motherland. Discuss the things she likes most in her birthplace and ask whether she has been to Russia’s other regions. Let her mention her most favorite places and reasons she likes them.
  • Participate in the celebration of a national event and ask about the roots of the celebration.
  • Don’t hesitate to get together with her family members and demonstrate your interest in Russian culture.

Russian Women Are Forever Young

Online brides originating from the Russian Federation have a strange tendency to be afraid of aging. They want to be considered young, trying hard to look younger than they are. This tendency shows up in a couple of things concerning the interaction between men and women in social spaces. 

If you need to address to a woman on the street, you shouldn’t call her “woman.” It’s considered impolite. Every woman in the street, regardless of her age, should be addressed “devushka,” which signifies a young female. This little note might come in handy if you want to look polite in your potential partner’s eyes.

Sharing a Bill Is Uncommon

Russian women are different when it comes to payment in a café or a restaurant. If you arrange it like a romantic date and invite her to the restaurant, you should be the one to pay for the food and drinks.

Of course, modern Russian women try hard to behave like the female representatives of the developed European countries. If you feel like your communication is flowing fine, you can discuss the issue of splitting the bill. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to pay for the Russian woman. This way, you’ll demonstrate that you are not cheap and always ready to demonstrate financial initiative.

Of course, there are things that you shouldn’t accept:

  • If a woman constantly invites you to luxurious places and restaurants, making you pay, she’s demonstrating insolence and disrespect to you. It looks like she’s only interested in your financial backing. A marriage with a woman like this is destined to result in failure.
  • The tradition of paying for the woman in a restaurant developed in the past when women didn’t have access to the most part of the family budget. Men used to control financial issues on their own. At present, most women have already gained financial independence. They often agree to a compromise.

Demonstrate Politeness & Good Manners

These are signs of courtesy any Russian woman will appreciate:

  • Open the door in front of a woman and help her put on and put off the coat;
  • Help a lady get into the car and get out of it;
  • Order her a taxi and pay for it himself;
  • Don’t forget about tiny presents like a bunch of flowers, chocolate, or a bottle of wine.

Good manners are always in fashion, and not only Russian women in 2020 appreciate them. They are a universal key to anyone’s heart, starting from a little girl and finishing with a mature woman.

Tips on Dating Russian Women for Marriage in 2020

One of the most disturbing things about Russian women, which is proved by numerous western men, is that they don’t give you enough personal space. They demand a lot of attention. Here’s what you will have to face and what to do:

  • If you’re heading to a formal or informal event with a lot of people accompanied by your lady, you shouldn’t leave her alone and make sure she’s always by your side.
  • Regular texting and phone calls are obligatory. Even if a woman is busy working, she will still try hard to find time to interact with you. Don’t leave her without attention when you are on distance. Send her good-morning and good-night messages daily. She will appreciate your attention.
  • Become a part of her family life. Offer a little physical to her parents, help your lady with a bit of repairing works at her living space, and do the grocery shopping together if possible.

Enjoyable Characteristics of Russian Women

Many men are already happy in mutual romantic and family bonds with the Russian women in 2020. They share their impressions and discuss some details of their experience. Here are the things we’ve managed to find from our clients and their friends.

  • Russian cuisine. Most Russian women love to cook. Even if they don’t like cooking, they know how to do it properly. Mothers and wives understand that homemade dishes give a possibility to minimize the monthly expenses. Russian dishes combine the ingredients that some people might find awkward. Nevertheless, the majority of men from the west fell in love with such dishes as borscht, okroshka, blini, Smoked salmon or salted herring, Russian dumplings, and more.
  • Love for the kids. Most Russian women become perfect mothers. They are ready to devote their lives to their offspring. They also have nothing against single fathers, finding them caring and responsible.
  • Sex life. Russian women love sex and regard it more as a physical pleasure than an opportunity to have kids. They understand that sex has a significant impact on the emotional and psychological development of your interaction. It’s an interchange of energy, a reload, and a nice cardio exercise. 

Hard Things about Russian Women in 2020

It’s always a challenge to let any culture devour you. It’s stressful, it causes a lot of questions, and it’s a useful psychological experience, especially if you don’t know the language. A Russian woman can cause some trouble if you’re a quiet, reserved, and reasonable man.

  • Her provocative behavior can easily change to a depressive mood for no significant reason.
  • Her excessive emotionality often leads to the exaggeration of insignificant troubles.
  • Her stubborn nature causes arguments, and even if she knows she is not right, she will continue arguing with her until you accept her opinion.
  • Her unwillingness to invest in a romantic and family relationship. This is usually connected with financial matters – some women in Russia want men to pay for their needs without adding money to the family budget.
  • Her dependence on society’s opinion often results in blinkered behavior. Many Russian women were raised by people belonging to the soviet generation. Being different from the others, and expressing a personal opinion was a stigma. This relic of the past made the Russian reserved and unsure of themselves.

The impact of society is one of the most disturbing problems preventing Russian women from realizing their dreams and doing what they think is right. The insecurity in the things that she does shows in a lot of things:

  • She often discusses successful people from her social circle behind their backs. Her jealousy, in most cases, is connected with the limitations and presets developed by her parents and representatives of the elderly generation.
  • She might find such things as tattoos, piercings, and body modifications unacceptable for no specific reason. In most cases, it’s not connected with the mentality or any other misleading terms. Men in Russia, in most cases, react to body modifications in the same way.

The Russians were brought up within the range of unreasonable limits in their minds. Probably, that’s the reason why young Russian women try hard to move west in search of happiness and satisfying relationships with people who won’t blame her for being herself.

You should also be prepared for the following:

  • Her female friends can be jealous of her trying hard to ruin your relationship for no specific reason except for their jealousy;
  • Her female friends may try to seduce you sexually not because they fancy you;
  • Her parents and friends might discuss you behind your back and even laugh at you if you are different from the norms established in the Russian society.

Russian women are gloomier and more traditional than the Ukrainians, for instance. They are more complex than you might think, though you’ll enjoy the communication with them.

Dating Russian Women in 2020: Bottom Line

Here are more essentials for you to consider:

  • Russian women are very contrasting personalities. They can get mad at you in the most common situations and stay caring at the same time. They can demonstrate their skills and intellectual possibilities and be stubborn as a little kid trying to prove something that’s not true.
  • Russian women believe in superstitions. They are strongly attached to their old traditions and believe in some of them without any reasonable explanation.
  • Russian women are religious. They baptize their newborn babies for the devil could steal their souls.

The basic features they search in men are:

  • Politeness and ability to listen;
  • Attention and meaningful signs of courtesy;
  • Emotional support;
  • Sex;
  • Responsibility in a family relationship concerning not only kids but elderly family members as well.

A Russian woman is mostly interested in the traditional development of a relationship. If you manage to be in line with her preferences, she will try hard not to let you go, demonstrating obedience and loyalty. She will be ready to give you everything in exchange for love, care, and understanding. Their country made them stealthy and jealous of the whole world. If you manage to reveal a woman like this, you’ll be amazed at her mental capabilities, talents, and patience. She’s like a ticking bomb.

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